Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Terrence Malick Tonight

This is a good week for fans of Terrence Malick films.  No, Tree of Life is still not scheduled to be released until sometime next year (hopefully early in the year).  But his 1978 classic Days of Heaven will be airing on TCM tonight at 8:00 pm EST.  The movie will be followed by other films that center around migrant farm workers.

Also, on Tuesday, Malick's 1998 Best Picture nominee The Thin Red Line was released on Blu Ray as part of the Criterion Collection.  Heaven and 2005 The New World are also available on Blu Ray.  The only movie of his not to have been released yet is Badlands.  Hopefully it will be out soon because this director's films were made to be seen in HD.  Maybe that is why he has gotten back in the game over the past decade.

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