Monday, September 20, 2010

Rubicon: 'Pacific' Reunion?

On this Sunday's episode of Rubicon, Will continues to make decisions that would make any real or (well written) fictional field spy cringe.  Kale Ingram, a former field agent himself, definitely qualifies as a well written character who appears to be giving Will some solid advice on how to proceed with his "investigation" into David's death.  Kale's motivations for assisting Will, however, remain unclear.  So our favorite API teams leader decides that he cannot trust Ingram.

That may be the smartest thing Will does in an episode titled "No Honesty in Men."  Because while Will has an extremely difficult time trusting his male boss, he seems quite comfortable sharing delicate information with the female tenant who can see clearly to his apartment.  Her name is Andy and she is played by actress Annie Parisse (who some may recognize as Lena Basilone from HBO's epic World War II miniseries 'The Pacific').  Of course, James Badge Dale had a much bigger part as Robert Leckie in that same magnificent piece of television.

As far as questionable decisions I keep on accusing Will of making.  They begin with him revealing that he has to take a drug test in the morning right after he tells Andy that he is an analyst.  After that slip up, he informs her that he is actually an analyst and his apartment has been bugged.  The fact that Andy doesn't (appear) to believe him isn't the issue.  It's that the man's paranoia is making him sloppy and quite frankly a little over confident.  Now, I have been surprised at how easily Will has come across some of the clues in his search for answers.  Last week, he walked into Atlas-McDowell and just took a phone directory.  The week before he discovered a recorded conversation between David and Ed in the API offices while the FBI had it under lock down.  Clearly the writers recognized that these can be dangerous moves, since Ingram keeps on emphasizing the issue.

Oh yeah, Will ends up sleeping with Andy after he finds his gun lying on a table in her apartment.  Obviously, he knows that she must have gone through his things in order to find the gun.  But hey, a man has his needs.  As least he gets something out of it when he sees Bloom wandering around in his own apartment. 

The conspiracy portion of the episode ends with Ingram giving Will the obituary of Thomas Rhumor.  We also see Katherine Rhumor learn of Truxton Spangler and the America Policy Institute.  After nine episodes, Will and Katherine's respective investigation are really beginning to intersect. 

Meanwhile at API. 

Poor Grant is having difficulties with his marriage because he is not allowed to share what he does with his wife.  But this story takes an interesting turn when Spangler drops by Grant's office with some ominous words concerning Will's position as team leader. 

Tanya gets her MIA episode due to rehab.  I hope her stint is more effective than Lindsay Lohan's. 

Then there's Miles and the new member Julia.  Adults acting like children in romantic situations is usually annoying.  But I like watching Miles behave like a nervous idiot around Julia.  Mainly because I like Miles and his behavior towards her fits with his character.

I usually prefer the episodes of Rubicon that focus more on the goings on of API and not the conspiracy.  This was not one of those episodes.  There was a reference to Rhreobert Redford's character in Three Days of the Condor early in the episode.  That reference probably explains why the conspiracy isn't always fun to watch.  Because I feel that the conspiracy won't have any real unexpected reveals. 

I don't know if we will be getting any more API-centric episodes for the rest of the season since there are only four episodes left.  Then again, now that Katherine and Will will be crossing over soon the conspiracy story will become more. . .thrilling.

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