Friday, September 17, 2010

The Small Screen of Book To Screen

The most commonly seen feature on this blog will be reviews and/or recaps of some of my favorite TV shows currently on the air.  With so many new and returning shows premiering in September, I figured this was an appropriate time to launch a website dedicated to TV.  One of the first programs I will be reviewing will be Boardwalk Empire (HBO, Sunday, Sep. 19th).  By Monday morning, I will hopefully have recaps of the most recent episodes of Man Men and Rubicon (AMC).  I will also review the premiere episode of network shows like Lone Star (FOX, Monday, Sep.20th) and Hawaii 5-O (CBS, Monday, Sep.20th).  Whether or not I recap these new programs on a regular basis is still up in the air.

Shows that I will regularly recap will be:

Modern Family  (ABC)
Community (NBC)

Mad Men (AMC)
Rubicon (AMC)
Caprica (SyFy)
Boardwalk Empire  (HBO)
Fringe (FOX)
The Walking Dead (AMC)
Friday Night Lights (when it airs on NBC, not DirectTV)
Terriers (FX)
Game of Thrones (HBO)

Not all of those shows listed are going to be airing this fall.  And I will also have news related to the development of upcoming TV projects.

I will have more posts this weekend regarding the "book" part of the blog.  So Stay Tuned.

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