Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Batman 3 is now 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Yes, The Dark Knight Rises, is the name of Christopher Nolan's third installment of the Batman franchise.  Obviously, the title is pretty similar to Frank Miller's graphic novel 'The Dark Knight Returns,' but we all know the plot will be quite different. 

Nolan had already confirmed that The Joker wasn't going to be recast appear in the new movie.  And today, in addition to announcing the the movie's title, he also confirmed that The Riddler would also NOT be making an appearance.  I see that as a good thing even though the idea of Joseph Gordon-Levitt portraying Edward Nigma did sound like the perfect casting.  But I want to be surprised with this movie and would rather have a lesser know villain. 

Oh yeah, the Inception director also convinced Warner Bros. that they don't need the unnecessary element of 3-D.  Instead he will continued to use IMAX and HD technology.

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